Accelerated Instrument Rating – (10 Days)

10 Day Instrument Rating Course

Our 10 day Instrument Rating Course accelerated program was designed for people that have tight schedules but still want to continue their flying education from a VFR Rating to an IFR Rating. This accelerated course program is intended to be fast, educational and effective. Our students are trained quickly with private custom instruction provided by our expert FAA approved Instructors. We take great care to train and guide our student pilots safely through the entire process to complete their IFR Rating.

At Elite Aircraft we take great pride in our program’s high success rate. We want you to finish our course, pass the checkride and became a safer and qualified private pilot. Our program offers accelerated private one on one instruction with the same Flight Instructor for the entire course. We find that our students have a higher success rate by having the same instructor to complete their flight and ground instruction. Most of our students finish the program in 10 days or less.

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Our students are required to have the following items prior to starting our program:

1. Must have valid Private Pilot Certificate.

2. Must have a minimum of 30 hours of cross country PIC (Pilot in Command) logged. The other 20 hours of time can be obtained during training to satisfy the FAA 50 hours required prior to the check ride.

3. Have obtained at least a third-class FAA medical certificate.

4. Have the FAA knowledge written test certificate property showing a passing score of 70% or better.

5. Have a proper aviation headset that is in working order.

6. Have a valid Birth Certificate or Current Passport showing proof of US citizenship and a valid Photo ID.

7. TSA Approval if required.

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